Program overview
Digital Lakes Micro-Internship program introduces high school graduates entering college through college sophomore students to a variety of companies while simultaneously providing companies the opportunity to highlight themselves, their innovative projects and company culture to students earlier in their college career. Digital Lakes Micro-Internships create pathways! The Digital Lakes Micro-Internship pilot year survey results exceeded all expectations, including 100% of students responding that, after college, they are more likely to stay in Michigan as a result of this program! All this at no cost to Digital Lakes member companies!!
Students will have the unique opportunity to participate in three, month long internship at three different companies. Students will see for themselves what types of IT/digital/tech projects are happening in a wide variety of companies and industries…outside their original perception! Additionally, these student-interns will get the opportunity to build their networks and resumes as they look to solidify their paths of study. STUDENT APPLICATIONS CLOSING SOON!
Companies Gain
The opportunity to showcase all that their company has to offer, including exciting innovative projects
Unique access to students who might not have otherwise considered participating companies or industries.
Opportunity to improve or re-brand the company’s image within the minds of young students
Ultimately building a strong/deep talent pipeline! While Digital Lakes takes care of all the administration; payroll, background checks and orientations, at NO COST to member companies!
Join The Movement
Digital Lakes will host an introductory webinar for students prior to the start of their internship rotations. This session will include some of the following tips:
General overview of what to expect from the program
How to make your best impression…beyond the books
A quick review of what is company culture
How they can make the most of their experiences and connections
A separate additional session will also be available for students on financial literacy.
Preparing the Companies
Digital Lakes (DL) will host a series of webinar sessions that will provide a general overview of what to expect as well as offer participating companies creative ways that they can best highlight themselves, the innovative work they are doing, and the impact that their employees have during the micro-internship. This includes tips on how to integrate these students without disrupting the company’s daily work.
How Successful you are
All student interns will participate in a pre and post survey with questions directly related to their interest level in companies and industries before and after their experience. Results will be provided to companies and funders and will be used for continuous improvement in the years ahead.

Micro Internship Program Dates


September 2023

2023 Data Available to Partners


2024 Applications Open Through March 6th

March - May

Interviews / Student Orientation / Company Orientation

May 20 – June 13

Micro Internships – Phase I (college students only)

June 17 – July 11

Micro Internships – Phase II

July 15 – August 8

Micro Internships – Phase III